Most wonderful smile

Most Wonderful Smile


Pretty little girl is coming to town,
Not seen for a while, glad she came down.

 She smiles at us, but clings to her dad,
Then frowns a little, may be she’s sad.

 Delicate tress partially covers her face,
Lovely little hands twist soft silk lace.

 Sits at the table asks, “When, what, how!”         ava-09
Giggles at Bapu when he sneaks in a “Wow!”

 Butterfly flutters on her lemon yellow dress,
Runs with her cousin who tries to impress.

 We try to convince for a hug or a kiss,
She remains reserved, a rare hit or miss.

 Visit is over, we say “Sweet, so long.”
            Coy rejoice, holds daddy all along.              


             After Samir and Grand daughter Ava’s visit.

          June 2009


1 ટીકા (+add yours?)

    જૂન 18, 2009 @ 03:18:54

    Samir wrote:
    I can’t say enough about this wonderful poem. Really well done,mum. You truely captured the trip.


    જવાબ આપો

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