Another Home

Another Home

Grandma’s house,
another home of my childhood.

They tell me tales, when I used to play,
once in a while all alone.
Grandpa wondered, “What is she thinking,
playing there all alone?”

Those were the days of small, sweet queries.
Grandma would call and I reappeared,
With hugs and kisses the gloom disappeared.

The troubled teenager enters the home.
The sobs will not stop; some boy has hurt.
“Grandma! Please, just let me be.”
In the secluded space, she knows
She is not alone.

The sad young woman opens the door.
No smiling faces, no welcoming arms.
The deafening quiet pours through her eyes,
“Please, grandma! Don’t leave me alone,
Why did you both have to go?
In the whole wild world, I am lonesome now.”

A peaceful hush in Grandma’s house.

The difference is between alone and lonely. The child in us wants to be alone sometime but needs warmth near-by. Our little Sufiya-Anjali , while she plays alone, keeps us wondering..and inspiring….so rest of the poem is imagination


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  1. pragnaju
    જુલાઈ 16, 2012 @ 15:16:19

    We remember last days of Gr Gr Maa
    her voice sound calm but there’s still a little shaky voice. “Don’t worry my dear… everyone will die one day, they can’t live forever…”
    “My dear, don’t cry. Promise me, when grandma is not around anymore take care of your-self, ok?” She asked while she was breathing heavily.”Ok, now i can go to sleep forever with no worrie…”


    જવાબ આપો

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