Moist Peatls-novel

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Moist Petals
A Poetic Novel
by Saryu Parikh

Sumi was being pulled mercilessly in two directions. “My first obligation is to respect my father’s wishes and make him proud of me. But my soul is rebelling fiercely to break away from the confinement of their blind beliefs.”

She found herself as a winsome soul.
She learned the value of give and take.
The sprinkle of love spreads near and far.
She is ready to receive what permeate the hearts.

I am a person of few words. That is why my feelings flow in poetry and I get carried away, forgetting the prose or the explanation.

If a touch cannot electrify, a word cannot pacify.
A whisper can’t awaken; a look can’t touch the heart.
Then rely upon the sweet mundane;
and ring the bells to wake up the souls.

270 pages –


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