Flutter of Wings- a poetic novel



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  1. Dr. Munibhai Mehta મુનિભાઈ મહેતા.
    જુલાઈ 07, 2017 @ 03:02:47

    This poetic novel is unique and interesting for several reasons:
    (1) It is the story of a typical Indian family migrated to USA and is woven around the societies in two continents.

    (2) It develops as a love story of a very different kind – trans boundries and trans traditional ways.

    (3) It takes you in to two generations and different times and environment and the family values and changing relationships.

    The author-who has emerged in the last two decades as a writer and poet of repute in Indian – American society coming from a typical Indian upbringing end and a keen observers and participant in the American life for the last nearly five decades, she has made a place for herself – as an intelligent observer.

    The story starts with the Dr. Ramesh Joshi of an orthodox Hindu family of Bombay marrying Dr. Mahi-a Muslim woman. Naturally there are problems but love and warmheartedness win. The couple moves to Houston, USA, struggles and succeed in their profession & in raising a good family. The daughter marries an American boy and the son Som – the hero of the novel-grows up to be a doctor with research interest in Ayurveda – the Indian system of medicines. His visit to Bombay – closeness to his grandparents makes him to go for an arranged marriage.

    The story takes a surprising twist when the girl, name – MAYA, enters into his life.

    The next part of the story however, is the meeting of Som with a great Ayurveda expert BHANJI. BHANJI is described as a modern-day yogi with deep scientific knowledge & an inspiring personality radiating peace and tranquility. Here, Som meets ANJALI, the adopted daughter cum Assistant of BHANJI and a very unique love story begins. BHANJI’s Ayurveda center in Goa is the second scenario, where on one side the advances of cancer treatment with the fusion of western medicine & Ayurveda becomes the Central theme.
    In the next phase, the love story of Som and ANJALI springs up with ANJALI joining Som in his research project in Houston in medical center. The ups & downs, anxiety, and the under lying family wisdom come down beautifully.
    (Perhaps, an ideal story for Bollywood movie!).
    Scattered throughout the book are reach and wonderful words of poetic wisdom for all ages. Some examples:
    “The most needed sensation for every human heart –
    A loving recognition from other loving heart” –
    “The swan of my soul feels free in flight –
    No right – wrong, just the light of delight” –
    There are many such prose which take this poetic novel to sublime heights. As said in the beginning, THE FLUTTER OF WINGS is unique, and brings a new & interesting dimension on India – USA society which is emerging since in last several decades but about which not much is written.
    This novel is a ‘must read’ for all who have interest in the changing times and societies and the eternal values in different environments.

    Muni Mehta
    [Dr. M. H. Mehta
    Chairman – The Science Ashram / Gujarat Life Sciences – Vadodara (India)
    Ex. Vice Chancellor – Gujarat Agricultural University]


    જવાબ આપો

    એપ્રિલ 09, 2017 @ 22:31:27

    Nitin Vyas
    > Saryuben,
    > On “Flutter of wings”
    > Congratulations on getting your novel published! Precious few have had the courage to write on the challenges of environmental compliance of Hindu, Muslim and Houston. You have stayed in Houston and fully understood the homogeneous mixture of the society. And so, much of your subject was your own hard-won experience in the matter. Nevertheless, you must have done a wheelbarrow-full of research. I admire you. I guess this means we will be seeing more of you in the print media from now on. I say more power to you!
    > All good wishes and regards,
    > Nitin Vyas


    જવાબ આપો

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