A letter to grandpa…Aaria

Aaria, my grand niece. Munibhai’s granddaughter.

Dear Baba,
Homes are made for those who wander,
A place to return to when the world is too vast,
I miss my home and  the bright green yonder
I have wandered a little too far

I will come home soon, to talk of great adventures
We will wander together as the sun rises
The sun will set after a weary travel
And we will be greeted with happy cries

It’s so pleasant up north
It’s been raining
I heard you’ve been going to work
Please keep sanitizing!

I’m missing the mangoes
And strangely, the heat
I’ve been missing my family home
I would return in a heartbeat

Alas, for a fortnight still
We will be parted
But the days go faster
When one has departed

See you soon family,
See you soon my home,
I will be back as soon as I can,
And tell you adventures of my own. 

— Aaria Arjun Mehta. 2021

Aaria went to visit her maternal grandparents in Jammu-Kashmir…where she had to stay longer than expected due to the COVID restrictions. Missing her home in Vadodara. Aaria’s letter to my brother Munibhai.

Aaria in the center…2019

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