A painting

 painting of Saryu by Dilip Parikh. August 2020

A Poem for Him

Since we cosigned in the race of this life cycle,
We have been two wheels of the same bicycle.

You lead me through the seven set circles,
Each has been conjured with many miracles.

The loyalty and longing intertwine hearts,
The routines and the duties tug us apart.

Your foot on the brake and steady navigation
have guided our lives without deviation.

In life’s uphill journey, I follow when you roll,
If you slip into reverse, I cruise and control.

The push and pull, check and balance,
A keen, kind critique brings the best out of me.

A good spouse, a great father, a superb grandfather,
I hope and wish the ride goes far and farther.

For Dilip…on May 19TH…with TLC…Saryu

જીવન સાઇકલ

જીવન કેરી સાઇકલના, હું ને તું બે પૈડા,
એકમેકની આગળ-પાછળ સંગાથીના હઇડા.

રોજ રોજની રામાયણમાં મુજને ટેકો આપે,
વેરાયેલી લાગણીઓ તું સંકોરીને રાખે.

ચઢાણ ઊંચું, ખડબડ રસ્તો, જ્યારે મુશ્કેલ લાગે,
ઉતાવળે જો આગળ ખેંચું, બ્રેક દઈ સંભાળે.

ખેંચતાણ ને અમતલ સમતલ પૈડા ફરતાં જાયે,
કસી કસીને સો ટચ સોનું મને કરી ઝળકાવે.

3 ટિપ્પણીઓ (+add yours?)

    સપ્ટેમ્બર 09, 2020 @ 16:26:29

    Ann Buckley.
    Wow! All is very beautiful. I loved the foto of yester year. You both are so talented.
    …Read your poem to Merty and I got chills and Marty got tears in his eyes. What love…Ann

    Swati Kanakia
    the painting is as beautiful as you are Maami
    and the poem for Maama is as lovely and practical for todays world…. again just like you.

    રાજુલ કૌશિકઃ Hello Saryuben,You look just simple but so beautiful in picture. The way you both are looking to each other doesn’t need any word to express feelings for each other as well your words express your feelings and respect for Dilipbhai…And yes painting is also done so beautifully . Thanks for sharing it…Rajul Kaushik

    The feelings in you are stirred, and that’s why these words touch your hearts. Oh! we are so…blessed to be able to receive, then only someone can give love. I am so honored by your commnets.Love, Saryu


    જવાબ આપો

  2. NaynaBhatt
    સપ્ટેમ્બર 05, 2020 @ 21:03:42

    Excellent excellent


    જવાબ આપો

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