Choice Marriage

The Choice Marriage

He  was  a  good  catch; kin arranged for a match.
My mother liked him better, said love would come later.

I let him know my voice and then I made my choice.
He showed interest in me; he and I became one, we.

The uphill journey started, with the stranger by my side.
The seven steps in sky and future open wide. . .

The gentle bond together; still each one on his own.
A strong shoulder to lean on, as the dance of life goes on.

The sweet sprinkles of smile with graceful perseverance,
Kept hearts n’ home humming through time and turbulence.

May/19/1969 Saryu-Dilip

A Joyful Kiss

I wipe my tears and take a step outside,
The joy and zeal are springing within.
Opening the doors of earth and sky,
a bright ray of hope is shining within.

I feel the presence of celestial sphere,
My mind is not anxious with any expectation.
There is no chain of anger or agitation,
No pulsating pain when I sit in meditation.

Touching my wings, the wind is blowing,
The monsoon rain leaves me soaking,
But warmly beautifies my body, my being,
My beloved comes, our paths crisscrossing.

Comment:   Dear Saryu, You are amazing, all the poems are so wonderful and touching. Keep it up. Dilhar Gohel

Upon Her Loss…

What do I say when you stand alone,
Forever and final, saying, “So long.”
What do I say when he wanted to stay,
But death did come to take him away…!

What do I say when you can’t hold hands,
Your life-long trip, abruptly ends?
What do I say when tears don’t flow,
Dark inside, the lights don’t glow…?

What do I say when you are so sad,
I sit so far, just feeling so bad?
The flow of grief will slowly subside,
We all are here to stand beside….                                       
                             ——    To a dear friend

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    🌹 આનન્દ… સરયુબહેન અને દીલીપભાઈને અઢળક અભીનનદન અને શુભકામનાઓ… 🌹

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