Painting by Dilip Parikh

Mystirious life. painting by Dilip Parikh.May/2022

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    જૂન 15, 2022 @ 13:19:15

    Jyoti Bhatt. Padmshree.
    A wise woman had said to the modern art painters, “Who do not have pain but brothers! Make paintings which gives peace to the hearts.” Dilipbhai’s painting gives me that peaceful feelings, Jyoti Bhatt
    પ્રિય સરયૂબેન ,
    પાંત્રીસેક વર્ષ પહેલા એક સોરઠી ડોશીમા એ અમને ” મોડર્ન ” કલાકારોને કહ્યું હતું કે ” દુ:ખ તો ભાઈલા કોને નથી આવતું ? પણ ચિત્તર તો એવા કરવાં કે ઈ જોવે ઈના હૈયા ઠરે “.
    દિલીપભાઈનું ચિત્ર જોઈને મારૂંય હૈયું ઠારીયૂં.



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  2. Harish Dasani
    મે 26, 2022 @ 04:45:47

    Though,I am not having much knowledge about painting,I feel that it correctly reflected the mystery of life.

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    જવાબ આપો

    મે 25, 2022 @ 18:25:01

    Wow. Loved both of them. So much details, so much life and colors. Would love to find out the thought the was in the mind of the painter. May be while sipping some wine, overlooking city of Austin in the twilight from your balcony. Hopefully soon!!!
    Take care, stay healthy and happy. 🙏
    Sudhir Parekh


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