Paintings by Dilip Parikh

Dilip Parikh. Introduction: After finishing studies in Physics and Electronics, Dilip came to USA on a fellowship for higher education in 1965. Married to Saryu Mehta in 1969. He worked for Microelectronics Industries, such as Rockwell International, AT&T Bell Lab, Texas Inst. for many years. At present he resides in Austin, Texas. His paintings express his deep interest in spirituality. He paints every day while listening Indian classical music. More paintings on Saryu Parikh’s web site   contact:   512-712-5170

A brief note on paintings #1, #2, #3:

E=MC2 paintings (#1, #2, #3) have two aspects: Physics and Spiritual.Physics aspect: Matter and Energy are two different states of the same thing (Einstein: E = MC2).

“There was a time called the big bang when the universe was infinitesimally small and dense. God created the universe at the big bang.” (Stephen Hawkins). The ‘black circle’ in the center represents a ‘black hole’ — a source of the energy, which manifested as the visible universe. Everything is nothing but the Energy.

Spiritual aspect: The Unmanifested, the Infinite, the Changeless Spirit is called Brahman: the one Absolute. This is described as Aum-Tat-Sat. Aum is the creative vibration that upholds the worlds through Prakriti, mother nature. All created things originate in the cosmic energy of Aum —the universal energy manifested as matter.




A brief note on paintings #4, #5: (Satyam, Shivam, Sundram)

When a dancer (or a musician) becomes one with the dance (or music), there is no interference of thoughts. The movement of moment (which is time) stops, and one may experience inner Bliss.
This is a state of meditation. When the mind is totally free of its content (a state of pure silence) then “Satyam” (truth) is experienced. “Shivam” is “Satyam” in action; one lives from moment to moment.

When every action is “Shivam” then this totality flowers as beauty, which is “Sundram.”      ………….  Dilip Parikh

#4 Dance



Einstein and Tagore
Meghadut…the cloud messenger
Rageshree…Raga of Romance

Saheli at the river. DKP

Sujata…Buddha’s devotee watercolor 1956 DKP
watercolor 1956. DKP.
Sujata. Donated for a charity. DKP

Essence of Eve
સરયૂ  દિલીપ  પરીખ

ગુજરાતી, હિન્દી તથા અંગ્રેજીમાં…. કાવ્યો, અનુભવો, વાર્તા
Essence of Eve
poems and True stories by Saryu Parikh
Paintings by Dilip Parikh… Book-Cover  “નીતરતી સાંજ” અમારાં પુસ્તકનું મુખપૃષ્ટ

Happy Birthday Saryu… 2019

The Musicians. DKP 2018
sweet moments…2019 DKP
The Village

Books of poetry, story and paintings of Dilip. Two novels in English. Saryu Parikh

Saryu and Dilip Parikh

Paintings by Dilip Parikh-English    May click on this link


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