Moist Petals-a poetic novel

Moist Petals-WORD

You are welcome to read my entire book here.

link to order paper-book or eBook     Moist Petals, a novel.     512-712-5170

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  1. Charoo Doctor
    જાન્યુઆરી 21, 2017 @ 03:50:06

    I finally finished reading the book, ” Moist Petals”. Once I got into it I enjoyed reading it. Your art of describing the moments, the feelings, the emotions is so great that I felt like I am watching a movie! I enjoyed it because the story is from the era of 60s and 70s. I migrated to USA in the era of 70s and can relate to many situations depicted in the book. Thanks for sharing your talent.
    Charoo Doctor


    જવાબ આપો

  2. Dilhar Gohel
    જૂન 12, 2016 @ 14:36:44

    Dilhar Gohel wrote to Saryu Jun 10 2016

    Dear Saryu,
    I just finished reading your wonderful book. I found it very interesting and enjoyed reading it. I can see that it is based quite a bit on your experiences in life. You have a great gift of combining poetry with prose and still keep the thread of the story going smoothly. Congratulations on such a great accomplishment. Your mentioning some of the Hindu family values as part of the reference in the story is admirable. Dilipbhai and family must be so proud of you. I am honored to have such a good author and poetess as a good friend. Wish you the very best in all your future writings. ..Dilhar


    જવાબ આપો

  3. Shirley
    નવેમ્બર 06, 2015 @ 17:01:33

    I knew I would love the words written in Moist Petals, but didn’t realize the emotional connection I would experience while reading it. I had started it before a long trip abroad, but left it behind, for fear of losing it. When I returned, I savored the chapters, and took my time reading it. I had to pause and reflect upon my own life along the way. I wondered about how my own experiences would be perceived. I enjoyed the journey on searching my own soul as I finished the book this morning. I don’t know why your words touch me so much, but they do. Please continue to write and share your beautiful insight to others.


    જવાબ આપો

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